How to make money with blogging in 2020?

How to make money with blogging in 2020?

Blogging is one of the most beautiful way for writers to earn money online in this pandemic situation of Covid-19.

A blog can help you to be more aggressive in the achievement of learning more and earning more just working at home but you need to write about your skills or passion.

Become successful in this world without learning any skill or course but you just focus on how to make blogging business and make life better in this critical situation of the atmosphere.

If you are interested to learn how to create a WordPress blog follow these all steps and start working to make money fast but you must know about your skills or what you want to teach people.

How to do blogging in 2020
How to do blogging in 2020

Before get started must research on these steps to make your blog more attractive.

  1. Finding a topmost Niche
  2. Selecting the platform you want to use
  3. How to do blogging
  4. Get more traffic to your WordPress blog
  5. How to make money blogging with partner programs
  6. How to Optimize your blog for your readers

Finding a topmost searchable niche

A very important part of starting a blogging website you must research on the niche on what topic and interest do you want to write or good knowledge to provide fresh content to your readers.

I would like to brief you in deep that what is actually niche?

Niche is the interest such as Traveling, Technology, Freelancing and WordPress these are the topics on which your the best to write and provide fresh content to your readers on your blog.

If you are good in any of interest you can choose that niche and you can easily make blogging career in 2020.

Selecting a platform to start making blogging a business

Moof blogs use two platforms for making a blog website which is widely used in this world to generate money from blogging in 2020.

Google Blogger and WordPress CMS system most powerful platforms to creating a blog on them for how to make 100k blogging money in a month as a blogging career.

WordPress is easy can be customized and designed vs Blogger a Google platform that is something difficult to use and customize without hiring a developer but if you are new then start a WordPress blogging website that is easier in use and customizable.

How to do blogging in 2020?

If you know all the steps and don’t know how to do blogging it will be more difficult to making money running a blog website.

For creating a blog you need to know about how to write fresh content that can refect 100k blogging and much more from it.

Research on top keywords related to your niche so you can easily rank your WordPress blog faster on Google search engine.

Use most popular keyword research tools for Google page ranking as like Google trends, Ubersuggest by Neil Patel, Google keyword planner and Moz.

Get more traffic to your WordPress blog site

If you have created your blog and now it needs to be populated to the readers and get more and more traffic from all over the world here you will be helped with different methods of generating traffic towards your blog post.

The biggest source of traffic is Google search engine but for new blog keywords, it is not so easy to rank on Google fast if your content is very nice and attractive to your readers that can reflect more traffic to your blog and also your blog keywords can rank fast on Google.

Social media is the second easiest way to generate and populate your blog easily make your blogging as a job.

It can help you a lot to generate huge traffic and get more readers towards your blog post.

Blogging can change your future and life, If you are jobless then it is the best way to generate money online and change your life from zero to luxurious life.

How to make money blogging 2020 with partner program?

Blogger can use partner program for their blogs to display ads on their posts and can generate money share content to readers. As much as visitors come and click on Ads your blog starts making money according to criteria of the partner program.

There are a lot of partner programs but the biggest source of income is Google Adsense who provide more amount vs other monitoring programs.

Here is the list of few partner programmers

  • Google Adsense
  • Infolinks

First, read their policies and then complete all the requirements, after all, apply for showing Ads on your WordPress or blogger blog.

How to optimize your blog for your readers

Most important thing is to optimize a blog for traffic because without traffic your blog is waste of time and generate money on internetworking as online.

If your blog is mobile-friendly and very responsive then the first reader and visitor will again return to your blog.

Google also prefer to best and optimized blogging site and like fresh and reliable content for their visitor and searcher on Google search engine.

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